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Feeling Stuck?

Throughout different intervals in our lives there are times when we experience uncertainty. This can occur when trying to make an important decision about something, or when we set a new goal and cannot seem to figure out what the necessary steps should be to achieve it. For some, even the task of setting a goal can be something that can remain dormant for a long period of time.

Moments of indecision can be tied to a number of things: confusion, worry, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, or the lack of finding enough time to truly focus and figure everything out. None of these things should be permitted to take over and keep you stuck. Despite what the barrier is, there are small tasks you can do to get on track towards moving forward.

Below are some strategies you can utilize and get started immediately:

  • Get quiet. Take the time to be alone and sit in silence away from any distractions. Utilize a technique called “focused daydreaming” and visualize ideal scenarios about your options and consider what you would like your day-to-day life to look like.

  • Think about things that have motivated you in the past and consider new things that will motivate you presently.

  • Search through books, articles, photos, and videos and find inspiring items that can help you create ideas for establishing your next goal.

  • Create a list of items that are currently frustrating you. Next to each item, provide possible solutions that can be implemented today and within the next week.

  • Refine your list of solutions and edit any that need improvement.

  • Consider any finances that may hold you back or need to be planned for and map out ideas about how to make everything work within your budget.

  • Draft a working timeline that will help you see the larger picture.

Once you have finished working through these ideas, you are ready to implement action. Use a daily calendar to schedule a few minutes across different days this week where you can work on your ideas and solutions. You may find that some tasks need only a few short minutes of your time. You may also discover that some things you deem as being a bit confusing or too complex end up being quite simple and won’t take much time to accomplish. What you will soon discover is a forward trajectory where things begin to fall into place. Think of the satisfaction you will gain when you no longer feel stuck because you cleared your mind of the clutter and took action. Moving ahead just becomes easier. On a regular basis you can utilize focused daydreaming to continue thinking through and focusing on the things you want to create in your life. This doesn't only apply to your work life; it can be helpful to your personal plans as well. Sometimes all that is needed is a little nudge to move toward the right direction and take small steps that can lead to excellent results.


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