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Cancellation Policy

Your session is very important, therefore, before you purchase your first 1:1 consulting session, The Musical Tie offers a one-time, free and confidential 20-minute consultation to understand your needs and help ensure that we would be a good fit. This allows for a risk-free initial consultation.


For paid 1:1 consulting sessions, notice (by email, phone call, voicemail, or text message) of at least 24-hours is required should you need to reschedule. A rescheduled appointment will need to be scheduled within 7 days of your original scheduled appointment, otherwise that specific session will be forfeited and will not be eligible for makeup. The definition and example of at least 24-hour notice is as follows: If your session is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., EST on the 21st of the month, then you would need to request your rescheduled appointment by 10:00 a.m., EST on the 20th of the month. (The Eastern Standard Time Zone in the United States is also known as UTC -5. Please be aware, The Musical Tie will also observe Daylight Saving Time beginning March 10th, 2024 and ending on November 3rd, 2024. Eastern Daylight Time is also known as UTC -4.) Any late arrivals will shorten your appointment time, which will not be extended, and will not be made up. If at least 24-hours of notice is not given for a rescheduling request, the session may be forfeited and may not be eligible for makeup solely at the discretion of The Musical Tie. Payments for services are non-refundable if you cancel or choose to forgo the service subsequent to payment. This is due to time spent on preparing for your personalized, scheduled paid session. We are committed to fulfilling all contracted services and also reserve the right to reschedule for circumstances beyond our control.


For guest conducting, guest speaking, and adjudication engagements, please email The Musical Tie directly so we can connect and make arrangements specific to your needs.

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