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Student Burnout

When students approach the end of the academic year, fatigue can begin to settle into the days as the yearning for the completion of classes becomes a daily wish. At times, students might wonder how they will survive until the end of the semester with all of the deadlines, final projects, obligations, and performances that still need to happen. All of these demands can create feelings of burnout, allowing a negative inner voice to express thoughts such as:

  • “All of this homework is such a burden.”

  • “I am getting so tired of school.”

  • “Why do they pile on so many assignments?”

  • “Maybe I should quit, other people don’t have to deal with this.”

  • “School stress is getting so old.”

One way to combat such negativity is to cultivate gratitude. You can be mindful that, after all, your educational opportunities are a privilege that too many do not enjoy. You can be grateful that you can develop your skills and open up future possibilities. This lack of educational privilege can be a daily stressor for those who, for many reasons, do not have access to education.

If you are a student who is reading this, how often have you thought about educational privilege? If you are someone who has not thought about it because you have all the access to education you could ever desire, then perhaps consider what your life would be like if you were someone who did not have the same opportunities.

Whenever the topic of privilege comes up, we generally think about the differences between countries—the poor countries versus the rich countries. But even in wealthier nations, educational disparities still exist. Not all towns, cities, villages, or communities maintain the same type of budget or government assistance. In quite a few communities around the globe, gender disparities are also rampant. Even in wealthier countries, young girls make sacrifices and more often stay home fulfilling family expectations to support the family in household matters while their brothers attend school.

If you are someone who has easy access to education, be thankful for your opportunities. Don’t allow any burnout to deplete you. Rather than viewing homework as a burden or entertaining any thoughts about quitting, please consider that not everyone in this world has those same opportunities. Reach out, ask for guidance, and get your tasks done with less stress. Moreover, if you are able to support your local school communities by giving your time, resources, areas of expertise, or even something as important as donating your unused musical instruments, please take the initiative to reach out to those communities and help in any way that you can. Even writing a letter to encourage government leaders to prioritize more financial resources toward education can be helpful. Access to education should be something every individual can enjoy during their lifetime and your helping efforts can truly make a difference. It will take our collective community resources to create positive change so everyone can reach their full potential and live in thriving communities.


In what ways do you think you can better manage your homework stress? Think of solutions that can help you accomplish these responsibilities and upcoming deadlines.


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